"Y el problema es, que si no arriesgas nada, arriesgas aún más."

Erica Jong

I turned 17 when I moved to Macaé, a small town by the ocean in the state of Rio de Janeiro in the beautiful Brazil. In Macaé I played for the U17 and U19 volleyball teams of Macaé Sports, the local volleyball club (see 3 months in Brazil).

My experience in Brazil showed me that I could play professional volleyball but it also made me realise that volleyball was not the only thing I liked to do, I enjoyed studying and learning new things, and professional volleyball rarely gives you the chance to do that. With this idea in mind I started to look for ways of combining these two things I liked to do: playing volleyball and studying.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), Argentina did not offer the possibility to do what I was looking to do and in the way I was looking to do it so I had to look somewhere else to make my dream come true.