"Failure is part of the process of success. You can't be succesful without failing first. People who haven't been sucessful are those who have never failed."

Robert Kyosaki

Finally, after 6 years away from Argentinian volleyball, I'm back!! And I've decided to play the most important competition of the country, the Argentinian National League. I chose to play for Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires (GEBA), a team that partnered with San Antonio de Areco to be GEBA-ARECO, a very competitive team shooting for the top-4.

End of the season remarks: April 3rd 2008 It is never nice to lose. It is even worse to come short of your expectations and ours were to get to semi-finals. Loosing in quarters left a lot of open wounds that will only be cured with time. However, I have to say that personally it was a great experience to play again in Argentina, with a great coaching staff and players and being part of great institution. We can argue that we didn't have enough time to get the team functioning in only 3 months (since most girls have never played together), that we lost our best middle half-way through the season and we weren't able to replace her, that leadership was thin and way under the expectations but I don't like to have excuses when I lose. I'd rather take responsibility, learn from the mistakes we had during the season and look forward for the next one. Because if there is something I love about sports is the fact that you always get another chance. An early ending: March 16th 2008 The end of the league wasn't as expected. After having a couple of decent weekends against GELP and River (we split with both teams at home) we finished second in our group and so we had to play quarter finals against Freyre. We went to Cordoba during the week and we dropped a 3-0 match playing very bad volleyball and having even a worse attitude which we paid for. Then after a few days to recover from that we were ready to play at home the return game. We started strong 2-0 but we weren't smart enough to keep playing well when we needed it and so we let them get the third game. The fourth was a different story. We were down for 5 points and a few subs got us back into the game but again it was hard to close it with their great defense and we lost it 32-30. The 5th game was just weird. We were down 8-2 switching sides and though we played our harts out it wasn't enough to make the come back and our season was over right there. Return round: February 18th 2008 We played two more weekends of the Argentinean League and GEBA-ARECO is still fighting to stay on top of the B group. The first weekend we traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay where we won both games with no major problems, 3-0 and 3-1. After a weekend off we had to travel one more time, in this occassion we went to Monte Hermoso to, once again, win both games with no problems, 3-0. Now it is time to play the good games against the only two teams that took a match from us. It'll be interesting.