"The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction are we moving.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

I was born in Buenos Aires on January 1st 1982. It was hot, very hot, as it is every single summer in the capital of Argentina. Yes! All countries below the Ecuador have inverted seasons and so in January it is the middle of the summer!

Everyone was extremely happy but my grandma wished I was born just a few hours later so we could have the same birthday. It would have been such a fantastic present for her. I was the first, and then forever only, child of my parents Alberto Leo Umansky and Mirta Norma Santarsiero. 

I had a fantastic childhood surrounded by my parents love, family and friends. I went to kindergarden, then to elementary and middle school and finally to high school just like any other kid my age. Things started to be different when I got to the last year of high school and with my volleyball team went to a Southamerican Championship in Cochabamba, Bolivia