"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."

John F. Kennedy

When the year started, my goal was to share with you 10 personal experiences of my time as a collegiate student-athlete in the USA and how each one of those experiences made an impact in my life as an adult.

The intention was also to give advise, since most of the experiences (or similar versions of them) may have happened or will happen to you or to someone close to you while living their American Dream and therefore looking at a situation from a different perspective it always helps.

Being a mom of two young kids (one still in diapers), an entrepreneur and a part-time college professor, believe me, it was not easy to find the time to think and write a post each month. However, I feel the objective has been accomplished and the desire of sharing some meaningful experiences of my college life was achieved.

The sense of accomplishment is a powerful tool that creates a virtuous cycle that pushes a person to get more things done. It is not important how big or meaningful of a goal you’ve completed, but the fact that you did.

Remember that to accomplish anything it is fundamental to make little, organized steps that will ultimately get you to the final result. In particular, if the goal is difficult to visualize, hard to get and time-consuming, having a plan will make all the difference.

Divide the main goal into in small every-day tasks that can be easily achieved. The accomplishment of those smaller objectives will create the sense of accomplishment needed and will become the fuel to continue moving towards the final goal. Knowing that there’s another small battle to win soon will ignite you and when you win it, you will feel a step closer to your ultimate goal.

This has been, if anything, an interesting ride through 2021. A year still full of unknowns and uncertainties but with the awareness that the world can win the battle against the virus we have been fighting.

May this past year have been full of new experiences to reflect upon and the next one full of accomplishments.


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