“The greatest part of our happiness or misery depends on our dispositions and not on our circumstances.”

MARTHA WASHINGTON (the very first First Lady of the United States of America)


2020 was certainly a special year. Many have suffered and many others got lost in a road of continuous and constant uncertainty that no one knows yet when it will end.

The new year, however, offers always the opportunity to a fresh start, at least partially, and take some of the paths abandoned during the moments of greatest difficulty. I am of the opinion that during these moments it is very important not to stay still and wait for what it will come but instead to help yourself and others to find that lost path or create a new one.

One of my resolutions for 2021 seems particularly simple (and indeed it is), but for me it is the way to take again a lost path I have wanted to get back to for so long ...

A few years ago I updated a personal web page that I had started while in college for a project during an English Composition course and which gradually became sort of a personal diary about my life, experiences and moments spent in the many places where I lived with the many people I was lucky enough to meet.

Therefore, this year I've decided to tell 10 stories of my years in the United States: years of sport, years of study, years of work, years of difficulty, but also years of joy, of personal achievements, of faith in the future, and of a growing conviction that much of our future is directly designed by us.

I will present these stories once a month through my blog at and I will share them on social networks as well. In addition to having the purpose of helping me not to forget them, to keep them in mind and to reinforce the lessons learned, I hope they will also succeed in the objective of encouraging those who will read them to find a lost path or, better yet, to create a completely new one.

In the hope that 2021 will truly be a year of personal growth, of projects to be developed and implemented, of places and people to meet and of a vision of a brighter future: I am waiting for you shortly for the first episode!

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9 months 2 weeks ago

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