"And no matter what let life happen. Believe me: life is right in all cases."

Rainer Maria Rilke from Letters to a young poet, November 4, 1904.


I started playing volleyball in 1991 when I was 9 years-old. The year after I was already competing and federated for Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires (CCBA). During my six years in "Ciudad" (they way the club was called) I played dozens of minivolley tournaments during my first 2 years and was a starter in the U14 (Infantiles) team by the time I was 12.

We won many minivolley tournaments and the U14 (Infantiles) Championship of the Metropolitan Federation of the City of Buenos Aires.

Since I was nine years-old, my Argentinian coaches taught me all the volleyball skills needed to become a good player. Those skills I will later fully develop with other coaches and in other countries.

After six years playing for CCBA I decided it was time for change. I wanted to play with other players, learn other coaches' methods, ideas, and techniques. This was the main reason why, at the age of 16, I moved to a new team.

My new house was Club Nautico Hacoaj (CNH), where I had the privilege to play with some of the best players of our league at that time. I learned a lot from them, and because I was the second setter for our senior team, I was invited to go to my first international volleyball competition, the one that would change my life forever.

At that tournament, the Southamerican Championship for Clubs, I was asked to join the Youth and Junior teams of a Brazilian Club for a period of three months. When the tournament was over I went back to Argentina and after talking to my parents about this new opportunity we decided it was a life-changing experience that I could not miss. So at the age of 17, I left home and went to play to one of the best junior volleyball leagues in the world. (See "3 months in Brazil").

When I returned from Brazil, I found out that CNH was not happy with my decision of going to Brazil and so they suspended me for a week. I decided then that I did not deserved to be punished for what I thought was the right decision and therefore I decided to find a new team.

Club Atlético River Plate (CARP) became my new club. I was playing for their Juniors team but practicing with their Senior team and making a lot of progress, since once again, I got to play with some of the best elite players in the league.

The following season the team took second place at the Argentinean National League and the head coach of the senior team left. I stayed and played one more year with them and learned a lot more from the great starting setter at the time. However, I felt that I wanted to start applying everything I learned from all these great players and coaches in the court and therefore I decided to find a club where I could start as a setter and gain some experience on the court. 

My new house was Club Atlético Velez Sarsfield for which I started not only for their Junior team but also for the Senior team that participated at the Honor Division of Buenos Aires.

By the time I switched club teams I've already had in mind the idea of going to the USA to play volleyball and study. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to be in a team where I could have more playing time.

On August 8th 2001 I left Argentina to go to Fairfax, Virginia in the USA and start my degree in Systems Engineering while playing volleyball in a NCAA Division I school. (See "My Career in the USA" ).